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Crafters Union - Pinot Grigio Crafters Union - Pinot Grigio

About Us

It takes a certain amount of vision and artisan ingenuity to choose the right grapes and transform them into a deliciously uncommon wine. To imagine a visual representation of what that wine is at its core.  Crafters Union is the culmination of grape growers, winemakers, designers, artists—true crafters—who put a bit of themselves into their art. We know we’re working in an unusual medium. That’s part of the fun. Cans are changing the way we experience wine. They’re pushing us outdoors to savor every refreshing sip under an open sky.

Crafters Union - Red Blend Crafters Union - Red Blend

Bring your Wine Style with you

Artistry and craftsmanship aside, we’ve found a way to bring the wine experience with us—anywhere and anytime. Our cans fit easily in any small bag. No glass to break, no cork to unscrew. We almost never bring one varietal with us. Because we don’t have to. Unconstrained, we mix and match cans and flavors based on who’s joining us. A can lets us quickly chill our wine, even on the most sweltering of days.  Just like that, our refreshingly bright flavor shines through—without ever stepping back inside.